Wigs, Hats, Scarves

As you are faced with chemo, and losing your hair, you can be proactive in the following ways:



If you wear a wig you have the following benefits:




Things to be aware of:


It’s best to go to a wig store and fit wigs on to see if you can find one that you like and is also comfortable! Do this, before you make your final decision, if you are feeling a wig is the way you want to go.



Wig Maintenance:

If you buy a human hair wig you need to have it professionally styled. This takes several days because it needs to air dry. This may mean that you need 2 wigs, so you can wear one wig while the other is being cleaned and styled.



Several of my friends that have had chemo, shared that when they went to work they would wait to put their wig on until just before they would get out of their car to go into their office. Then at the end of their work day, when they were leaving work and going home, they would get in their car and take off their wig immediately! This is why it is helpful to fit a wig on before you make a decision about wearing or buying one.

You can always don a scarf or hat!


If after trying on wigs you feel like you need another choice, you can choose to wear hats, caps, and scarves. There are many choices available from tailored to feminine and dressy to casual.




Scarves & Hats



Amazon has some great hats and scarves for you to click on and review the many looks, styles, and colors available to you.

You can also choose to wear hats and scarves while your wig is being professionally styled and avoid buying two wigs.

You may also find that when you are at home, if you don’t want to wear your wig, this is also a good time to fill in with hats, caps, and scarves.




Wardrobe Tip: Bring your bottom color up.

Example - This means when you are wearing black slacks or skirt, to wear a hat, cap, or scarf that has a noticeable amount of black in it. This will give you a “pulled together” look and you will feel great knowing that your hat, cap, or scarf is part of your outfit.

Apply this principal for whichever color you are wearing on the bottom, black, white, navy, camel etc – select a hat, cap, or scarf that visually brings your bottom color up.

There is no right or wrong answer regarding the following questions:



It’s important for you to feel confident and positive regarding whichever option you select!


You need to use your energy to help your body heal. If you are happy and content with your decision regarding hair loss, it will definitely help you as your treatment plan is implemented by your doctor.