What Did I Find Out About Products and How Did I Use Them?

Self care is very important during the time you are being treated for cancer! When we don’t feel good, are nauseated and tired, it’s often all we can do to get to a comfortable chair or couch, and crash!

However, if we do the basics, we will feel better, regardless of if we’ve chosen to preserve our hair, wear a wig, or use hats, caps and scarves. During chemo, we need all the help we can get “to feel and look good!”

 Following are challenges I faced and I'm sharing the solutions that worked for me:

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Vein bruising – When starting chemo some of my bruises lasted 3 weeks.

IV Bruising Before Using Lavender
IV Bruising After Using Lavender

Vein Bruising Treatment

Using d0TERRA Lavender Oil drops, just one or two on the bruised area, greatly minimized the time my arm stayed bruised.


Tape Scarring – This was a great challenge! Nothing seemed to help!

Tape Scarring Before Treatment
Tape Scarring After Treatment


Tape Scarring Treatment

After trying a variety of products, using this combination of three, greatly reduced the red color and minimized my scar.

Here is the recipe that worked for me:

#1 Clay – use per directions, leave on about an hour, rinse off
#2 Lining from shell of egg, place lining on red area for about 2 hours, rinse off
#3 Castor oil – apply a few drops, wrap with gauze and leave overnight
#4 Remove gauze in morning and rinse area
#5 Repeat #1- #4 until you obtain desired result

Purchase Home Health Castor Oil, Aztec Secret Healing Clay and 2" Gauze Roll.






Nail care – manicures only, no artificial nails allowed during chemo

Weak nails are often a side effect of chemo. I discovered that by taking Biotin for skin, nails and hair, my nails grew very strong. With a coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth and my favorite nail polish (This is from OPI called Cajun Shrimp) my nails continued to look healthy. It was wonderful to have strong nails and not experience sore fingers from tearing, jagged and weak nails!


Because I continued working full time, I searched out products that were quick, easy to use, and also felt good on my skin.

Living in a climate with high temperatures and humidity is a challenge! I needed my cosmetics to look great at the end of the day but also be quick and easy to apply in the morning. The following products really worked for me - I was so happy to discover them:





As I journeyed through 18 chemo sessions and major surgery, I continued to look for products that would help my body heal itself. I became aware that keeping my body alkaline was a high priority.


Why Do We Keep Our Bodies Alkaline?


Is your body alkaline or acidic?

How do I know if I’m alkaline or acidic?


Since I tended to be strongly acidic I met this challenge by implementing the following tools, 1 – 3, in my self care.


1) Drink alkaline water

To avoid the expense of buying alkaline water I do the following:

#1 Use a Brita water pitcher and filter
#2 Put filtered water in large wide mouth glass jar with lid
#3 For each cup of water add 6-8 drops of ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops
#4 Drink recommended amount of water for your weight
#5 Monitor your body by using ion strips throughout the day to check for alkalinity or acidity








2) Another tool I use daily, to keep my body alkaline is maple syrup and baking soda. Following is the recipe:

#1 3 cups of pure maple syrup, grade A or B.
#2 1 cup of Bob’s Red Mill baking soda, aluminum free.
#3 Place maple syrup and soda in 5 qt. pan. Stir together and over medium heat, continue to stir and cook until all of mixture is foamy. Remove from burner and stir down.
#4 Put pan back on burner and over medium heat stir constantly a 2nd time until mixture is foamy. Remove from heat and let cool.
#5 Pour in glass jars and cover. (This comes as 1 jar, you may want to order 2-4 jars)
#6 This syrup does not need refrigeration.
#7 There will be a settling of product on the bottom. Do not disturb, use the  syrup only.
#8 When I was treating my cancer I took 3 teaspoons a day. When my cancer is in  remission, 1 teaspoon a day is adequate.





3) Drink Bragg apple cider vinegar, if required

Frequently I would still find myself in the acidic category. To further promote alkalinity, I would do the following:

#1 Pour 2 Tablespoons Bragg organic apple cider vinegar in a cup or glass
#2 Add 8 ounces of water, either hot or cold, your preference
#3 If needed, drink in the morning to start your day, and again after lunch
#4 Monitor your body by using ion strips throughout the day to check for alkalinity or acidity






For me it was a real victory to consistently test alkaline instead of acidic!

It’s also important to follow dietary recommendations to promote alkalinity in your body. There are many articles and books available for you to research this topic. These are two books that are informative and easy to read.