I Kept My Hair!


Since 1985 I have been a consultative professional. This means I talk with my clients about products they are interested in and research their features and benefits. This enables them to make informed decisions that meet their desires, lifestyle and budget.

When I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer that had traveled to my lymph nodes, I needed to start chemo, within one week. This required me to make a decision quickly on how to face the fact that, chemo creates hair loss.

I felt overwhelmed...how do I decide what to do? This was not a decision I was prepared to make so quickly! Bottom line, I needed to make a choice that would enable me to feel confident and give me hope, as I battled cancer!

I knew this for sure, "I didn't want to lose my eyelashes and eyebrows!"

I also wanted to look as I normally did and not call attention to the fact that I had Ovarian cancer and was being given chemo to treat it.

How Do I Decide What to Do?

Do I wear a wig?

Do I wear scarves, hats, or caps?

Do I choose to preserve my hair by using ice caps?

What will these items cost?

Does insurance cover anything?

What are the lead times for each option?

With the help of a dear friend, on a Sunday afternoon, we sorted through lots of information on the web and made multiple phone calls. Several hours later when she left to go home, my decision was made.


Check Out Images of Rachel's Hair Throughout Her Chemotherapy!

As a result of experiencing this process, I felt it was so important to develop a "go to" site for anyone facing chemo and hair loss.

I hope this information I've researched and am sharing with you helps you recognize, "you have a choice when dealing with hair loss. It is up to you to determine which products will best give you confidence, meet your lifestyle, and stay within your budget."